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February 1, 2010 / Meg

My Current Workout Schedule

Hey guys!  Today is the beginning of February (my birthday month!), so I took some time to re-evaluate my workout schedule.  I work for a university and am a member of the gym on campus, so every month we get a new group exercise schedule.  Here’s my workout schedule for the month of February:

  • MondayRun for 30 minutes during my lunch break, Turbo Kick after work, 20 min. abs class after Turbo
  • TuesdayHip Hop Hustle after work
  • WednesdayWeight lifting (upper and lower body) during my lunch break, Run for 30 min. after work
  • Thursday:  Teach Turbo Kick after work, 20 minute abs class after Turbo
  • FridayLast Chance Workout during lunch break (a little weights, ball work, abs – an all-around good end of the workweek class)
  • SaturdayRun for 30 minutes and weight lift (upper and lower body)
  • SundayREST DAY!! 🙂

I try to be flexible but not too flexible.  For example, sometimes I only do upper body weight lifting on Wednesdays if my knee hurts.  And if I’m really exhausted after a group exercise class, I’ll skip the abs class (but I think that has only happened once or twice so far this year).  But I almost never miss an entire workout (I only missed one during the month of January and that was due to the weather).

It looks like a lot, but it’s not.  I have great friends who are my accountability partners/workout buddies.  We do almost all of this stuff together, so it makes it much more enjoyable!  And fortunately, the classes are all a lot of fun!!

I’m off to Turbo Kick!  Hope you all have had a happy Monday!! 🙂

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