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February 3, 2010 / Meg

Biggest Loser Recap

I looooooove the Biggest Loser.  It’s my favorite show on TV.  But what was up with the move to 9pm last night?!? Was it just for this week?  Or is it because of the upcoming Olympics?

How great did the blue and yellow teams look?  You could definitely tell they had lost weight.  My friend asked last night when they will be doing the before and after pictures at each weigh in.  I’m not sure when that will happen, but hopefully we’ll be able to see a significant difference in the next few weeks!

I can’t believe Miggy walked 13 miles the day after surgery! Now that is dedication!!  It does seem that the drama has decreased since last week, but with Melissa still there, I am pretty sure there will be more drama in the future.

I was so happy Michael won immunity!  I think it was a big boost for his self-esteem.  Hopefully he can lose 100 pounds in 6 weeks, but if not, he is definitely on the right track now!

I was sad to see John go, but it looked like he and his twin are doing well at home!  Check out his elimination interview with Diets in Review.

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!  The weekend is right around the corner – woohoo!


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