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February 5, 2010 / Meg

Faith and Football in the Superbowl

The upcoming weekend is probably my favorite weekend of the year.  I’m a die-hard football fan.  High school, college, professional – I just love football.  And although I bleed black and gold and my Steelers didn’t return to the big game this year, I’m ecstatic that Super Bowl Sunday is only 2 days away and a new team will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy on Sunday night.

Colts vs Saints.  Manning vs Brees.  It’s going to be a wild game.

I know a lot of people don’t care about the game itself and will be spending Sunday night eating snacks and waiting for some new commercials.  But have we ever seen so much controversy about a commercial before? Yes, I’m talking about the one with the Tebow family.  The one where Tim and his mother Pam will discuss how she chose to carry Tim to full-term despite her doctor’s recommendation that she abort the future Heisman trophy winner.

I understand that this isn’t just a commercial airing on an ordinary day – more people will see it than at any other time.   But with college and pro athletes pimping out products like it’s their job, I admire Tim Tebow for having the courage to speak about what he believes in despite the media’s backlash. It’s a pretty cool thing.

I came across this fabulous article about Tim Tebow, his faith, and the upcoming commercial.  I’ll share a few quotes:

It’s his first major national ad since leaving the Gators, and he isn’t hawking Nikes, energy drinks or candy bars. Instead, he’s putting himself in the middle of one of the most divisive issues in this country — and on the biggest sporting day of the year.

Just think about that.

If you thought Tebow’s jump pass, or that fire-and-brimstone speech he gave following Florida’s loss to Ole Miss in 2008 was unbelievable, this should be considered downright extraordinary.

In today’s sports climate, expressing an opinion often results in serious backlash. In some cases, an athlete’s choosing to do what Tebow is doing might be professional suicide.

I don’t care if you’re pro-choice or pro-life, conservative or liberal, God-fearing or atheist, you’ve got to admire Tebow for standing with conviction, even as he’s opening himself and his family up to criticism.

We often commend athletes for taking a stand — as long as it’s a stand with which most of us agree. The minute they start pushing a social agenda that conflicts with our own, we tell them to shut up.

If you have a moment, I encourage you to read the article.  But more importantly I hope you have a great weekend filled with happy moments, friends and family, good snacks, lots of laughs, and hey – maybe even an enjoyable commercial or two.

P.S.  I’m rooting for the Colts!  AFC baby!  But I’ll be happy no matter who wins – I think it’ll be a great game.


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