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February 25, 2010 / Meg

Short Update

Wowzers I haven’t posted in a while.  I told myself I would be a better blogger when I started this, but somehow that’s slipped away.  But that’s okay, life has been busy.  And personally, I like busy.

The day after my birthday, I flew to Columbus, Ohio to spend the weekend with my awesome family and interview at a seminary on the following Monday and Tuesday.  It was practically a blizzard in Ohio and I loved every minute of it! I love the snow (I’m a winter baby!)  It was so wonderful to see my family and interview at an incredible seminary.

It’s officially Lent.  Don’t worry – I’m not going to preach here.  I know that might seem expected, since I’m going into ministry and all.  But that’s not how I roll (not today at least!).

Lent is a really special time for me as a Christian because it was on Ash Wednesday 2009 when I felt called to ministry.  I took the Lenten period to really discern that calling…I think I prayed more prayers in those few weeks than I had in my entire 23 year existence.  My whole world took a 180 turn in that time, and I forfeited all of my plans and basically said, “OK God…I’m on board.”  To a lot of people, that’s absolutely, insanely crazy.  But to me it makes sense.  And I haven’t looked back since! 🙂

I grew up in the Roman Catholic Church, so I always gave up something for Lent.  It was the usual – bubble gum, pop (aka soda for you non-Pittsburghers out there), candy.  Last year, I decided to add something for Lent. I decided to write in my journal every day.  It was a great idea, but I had a few days where I was falling asleep writing, “This is me fulfilling my Lenten…”  Clearly, that wasn’t the point.

This year, I couldn’t decide whether to give up fried food or celebrity gossip. I’m pretty sure my scale was wanting me to give up the fried food, but my friends at the Mexican restaurant wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t consume baskets of chips and salsa every week!  Ultimately, I chose celebrity gossip because that takes up way too much of my time.  And as a Christian, I probably shouldn’t read so much of it.  But whatev, I need my escape from reality every now and then too.  The problem was, I don’t need it every 10 minutes (why does Perez Hilton have to update so often anyway?!?).

The first week was actually really tough!  That might sound pathetic for some of you, but do you realize that on all of the NEWS websites, celebrities are considered just as important as the economy and mass murders.  There’s something strange about that. And do Olympians count as celebrities?!?  I think not.  Though I did have to avoid the articles about Evan Lysacek and Nastia Liukin, even though I was SO INTERESTED!  I had decided I would NOT unfollow celebrities on Twitter.  I mean, what would my life be like without Snooki’s updates on her hair?  Seriously people… (OK, not very seriously.  I don’t follow that many celebs on twitter, and I follow so many other people that I usually overlook their tweets anyway!)

What was ultimately eating me alive was the headline I saw about Tony Kornheiser (the awesome co-anchor of Pardon the Interruption.  If you don’t know what that is, turn on ESPN at 5:30.  Seriously, it will change your life!).  He apparently said something terrible about Hannah Storm, and I am DYING to know what he said.  Clearly, I needed to give up celebrity gossip. Glad I made the right decision about that one (even if my scale doesn’t like it!).


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