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March 29, 2010 / Meg

March Madness!

March has flown by.  For real.  Can you believe it’s almost April?!?  Straight up craziness.

Let’s be real – March Madness has been nothing short of FANTASTIC.  I filled out my bracket over the phone while I was on my crazy awesome alternative break trip to New York City.  My sister sent it into a pool at her work, so I couldn’t remember all of my choices.  I picked a few upsets – but unfortunately they weren’t the upsets that actually occurred!  However, I am very happy that I have two of the Final Four teams in my bracket (WVU and Duke).  And from what I hear, that’s better than President Obama’s bracket!

I am hoping that Duke absolutely destroys WVU. Why you ask?  Why sure, let me tell you…

I am a Pittsburgh girl and therefore a Pitt Panthers fan.  As my mother (and everyone in the Burgh) will tell you, Pitt fans root for 2 teams: PITT and whoever is playing against West Virginia.  Huge rivalry here, peeps.

Additionally, I am happy to announce I will be attending Duke University in the fall, where I will pursue my Master of Divinity degree at Duke Divinity School (it’s one of their graduate schools).  The check has been deposited and all of the other seminaries I applied to have been notified, so I feel like I can officially say something about it now.  And though I don’t know if anyone actually reads this blog, it feels good to see it written down.

It took a lot of prayers of discernment to figure out which seminary I should attend.  Each one had something that appealed to me, but when I visited Duke, I just had a feeling that it was the best fit for me.   And though there was a little madness in figuring it all out, I’m ecstatic about my decision (and hoping for a victory next weekend).  🙂


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