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April 20, 2010 / Meg

Hunger Week

I’m a terrible blogger.  Honestly, I had completely forgotten about this thing.  Not because I don’t enjoy blogging, but I think I’ve been so busy I’ve forgotten about it!

At my work, I plan community service events for the campus community.  Last week we had HUNGER WEEK, which meant that I had 4 days full of service events and advocacy events.

These are the events we had:

• April 12, 8 p.m. Bananas! movie screening will be a passionate look at some of the global politics and accountability that come with access to food. The idea came from the passion of student Ashlee Warren, who visited Nicaragua and heard the stories of the banana workers firsthand.  She has researched the case and has been an advocate for change.

• April 13, 11 a.m. The Potato Drop will focus on hunger in a local and community level. The Society of St. Andrew will help obtain the potatoes to help students become more aware of waste, the environment and dwindling resources. About 40,000 pounds of potatoes will be bagged, and distributed to Clover, Lancaster, Chester and York County. There will also be more than 20 agencies on hand at the “Potato Drop” to educate students about the daily needs they address.

•  April 14, 7 p.m. Gregory Sims, the Southeastern Field Representative for Bread for the World, will focus on national legislation that can combat poverty and can help those that are hungry.  Sims will share his experiences and the work of Bread for the World, which advocates for hungry people in communities, nation and world both on a grassroots level and in national policy.

• April 15, 7 p.m. The Hunger Banquet will focus on hunger as a global issue. Participants will be divided into three groups depending on global percentages of hunger and plenty, and each group will get to experience a different atmosphere and different amount of food to eat. The event will provide the dinner experience and small group reflections on the experience as well as speaker Mary Catherine Hinds, Associate Regional Director for Church World Service/CROP.  The Hunger Banquet is $10 for faculty/staff/adults and $5 for students/youth/children. All proceeds will go to Earthquake Relief in Haiti.

The events were all fantastic, and I’m so glad that we raised awareness about hunger both in our local community and on national and international levels.

Without a doubt, the craziest and most awesome part of the week was the potato drop.  40,000 pounds of potatoes were dropped off, bagged by our students, and donated to local non-profits.  Here’s a video about the event:

Summer is a little more calm around here, and although I’ll be leaving my job, moving to another state, and starting grad school, I’ll try my best to blog a little more!


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