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May 1, 2010 / Meg

Keep Pushing Through

Weight loss isn’t easy. I’ll be the first to admit it.  One day I’ll gain enough courage to post some of my pictures through the years on here (maybe once I get a scanner? hmm…), and you’ll see what I mean.

I had a very serious knee surgery my freshman year of college, and I gained so many pounds as a result.  Then I lost like 20 pounds in what seemed like maybe 6 weeks?  It seemed so simple back then.  It was my junior year of college, and I just got on the elliptical every morning at 6:30am and occasionally lifted weights.  I watched what I ate, but still had a day each week when I treated myself to something unhealthy (ice cream, french fries, you know what I mean).  Plus I was a college student, so there were a few beers consumed on the weekends.  I didn’t follow some magical formula; I just ate right and worked out almost everyday.  The pounds just seemed to fly off of me.

Then, I graduated college and moved to the South.  I had never seen people eat so much fried chicken and dip EVERYTHING in ranch dressing.  Soon, I was doing the same.  Helllllllo weight gain. I actually reached my highest weight EVER last year (it was just a few pounds higher than after my knee surgery in college.  I was literally sick to my stomach when I stepped on the scale…I couldn’t believe I let that happen, after I worked hard to lose the weight the first time).

So…I got back on track.  I lost like 15 pounds, became a group exercise instructor, increased my weight lifting.  Nothing spectacular, but I did it.  And then, I gained 4.5 pounds.  And lost 3.  And gained 2.  And lost 2.  I was in this cycle where I couldn’t push through.  It was certainly a plateau and it was so frustrating.

I weighed myself today and lost 3.6 pounds since my last weigh in (I weigh myself every Friday).  I increased my running this week, but otherwise kept everything the same.   I couldn’t express the pride I felt when I saw the number on the scale. Hard work pays off.  There will be weeks when you plateau.  When you can’t figure out what’s going on, and why that number won’t seem to budge.  Be patient.  Take pride in the little things (like ordering water instead of a Coke when you’re at a restaurant, skipping the sour cream on your quesadilla, or getting a side salad instead of an order of french fries).  Always remember to look at the big picture. I totaled all of my numbers up, and I’ve lost 18.2 pounds since I was at my highest weight.  Just a few more pounds, and I’ll be at my ideal weight (where I was when I lost all of the weight after my knee surgery in college).

No matter what, keep pushing through.  Don’t let anyone tell you you’re dream is too big or your goal is too far out of reach.  You CAN do it.  You ARE worth it.


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