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May 12, 2010 / Meg

Weekend at Home

Hello!  I’m finally back.  I spent the weekend at home and wanted to share a quick little recap.  I haven’t been home since Christmas, and I finally got to catch up with my girls…

Sarah, Michelle, & yours truly 🙂

We went out to Station Square in Pittsburgh.  I ran into Mayor Luke (Pittsburgh’s mayor) in line at the bathroom (yes, we were in different lines!), and I can’t seem to figure out why I see him nearly every time I go out with my friends in Pittsburgh.  Hmmm….

A few pictures from Station Square…

Isn’t my hometown beautiful?  Yes, it’s awesome.

We took some cute pictures!

And somehow this hilarious picture made it into the mix.  This is us in our natural state 😉

We even tried to go on the incline, but it was closed.  Major sad face.  😦

On Saturday, my cousin got married at Heinz Chapel!

Isn’t Heinz Chapel one of the most amazing churches?  My sister got married there too…it’s breathtaking.

The happy couple!  The groom (my cousin)’s mom made the bride’s dress.  Isn’t it to die for?  She already said she will make my dress one day…I just have to put those other pieces in order first 😉

A few pictures of me and my family…

me and my sister Laura

my sister Amy and me

sisters! I'm the youngest of three.


me & amy again. we went out after the wedding... 🙂

Those are just a few pictures of the awesome people I spent time with while at home.  We celebrated my friend Sarah buying her first house, Michelle finishing up her first year of teaching, my acceptance to Duke, a family wedding, and Mother’s Day.  It was a great time to be home and spend time with the most special people in my life!


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