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May 19, 2010 / Meg

Insanity: First 3 Days

Happy hump day!  Can you believe it’s Wednesday already?  This week is flying by!

I just completed day 3 of Insanity!  I know many of you have heard of this workout program, and I just wanted to share a few thoughts on the program thus far.

This program is intense!  It’s definitely not for people who don’t already workout on a consistent basis.  There is a certain level of fitness that is almost expected. I consistently work out at least 5 days a week and with every workout so far, there is a puddle of sweat lying on the floor.

Insanity might be insane, but it’s not impossible. It’s only day 3 and I feel myself getting stronger and stronger with every workout! However, thus far, the program includes a lot of jumping.  While I do have knee problems, I haven’t had any issues  (knock on wood) with Insanity.  And since I do everything I can to care for my knee, I’m hoping it will not be a problem!

I’m really enjoying the program.  I’m looking forward to the workouts, and it’s been a joy to do it with my friends/accountability partners. We’re rockin’ it!

I measure my calorie burn on my bodybugg, and so far I’ve burned:

  • Day 1, fit test: 158 calories  (about 20 minutes)
  • Day 2, Plyometric Cardio Circuit: 302 calories  (about 40 minutes)
  • Day 3, Cardio Power & Resistance: 268 calories  (about 40 minutes)

My friends and I are doing the program a bit differently.  We work together, so we’re completing the program on our lunch breaks on Monday-Friday.  So we won’t actually complete it in 60 consecutive days, as we will have breaks each weekend.  We are all group exercise instructors, so we still teach/attend each others’ classes a few nights each week.  Just wanted to make you aware of this in case you’re wondering why my day 12 update will occur in the third week!

Because we’re doing the program during lunch, I’m consistently burning more calories throughout the day.  I’m definitely hungrier than usual and have made some adjustments in my normal eating routine as a result.

I’ve  added some more protein to my diet.  [Side note:  I totally hate calling what I eat on a regular basis “diet.”  There’s just so much negative stuff associated with that word!]  For breakfast today, I had an apple and this:

Not the best photo, but you get the idea 😉

A 100% whole wheat Arnold’s sandwich thin with a Morningstar grillers chick’n patty (only 80 calories and full of protein!), an egg white (microwaved…this was made at the office :)), some lettuce, tomato, and a dash of hot sauce!  It was the perfect pre-Insanity fuel!  It wasn’t too much (I had 2 egg whites yesterday and was too full) or too little (I didn’t add the chick’n patty on Monday and was famished).  I know faux chicken isn’t really a breakfast food, but I’m out of Morningstar sausages and I had to use what was available!

And for lunch:

My desk is a mess! Sorry! And the styrofoam isn't very "green," but it's all we had in the office!

2 corn tortillas (only 40 calories each) with a black bean, pinto bean, corn, and tomato combo in the middle plus a banana and some carrots and hummus.   I’d prefer a few less carrots and replace the hummus with some yogurt.  That’s definitely what I’ll do the rest of the week!

Hello from the office!

To sum it up, Insanity is awesome so far!  I’ll keep y’all updated with my progress!

I’m off to my friend Dre’s turbo kick class tonight.  Hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!! 🙂



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  1. Lindsay / May 20 2010 2:20 pm

    What kind of tortillas are they? They look so good.

    • Meg / May 20 2010 2:23 pm

      They’re Mission Yellow Corn Tortillas Extra Thin. This is the first time I ever bought them – I never even noticed them at the grocery store before! But yes, they’re pretty good 🙂


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