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May 21, 2010 / Meg

A Few Good Links…

Happy Friday!  I’ve had that good old country song stuck in my head today…  “And it’s a great day to be alive. I know the sun’s still shining when I close my eyes.”  Ah, old school country.  Gotta love it.

I seriously have a blog addiction.  I could read people’s posts all day everyday!  It’s so exciting to see people sharing their passions and interests with the world.  Here are a few good posts I’ve run across lately.

  • The Anti-Jared: Restaurant Food & Ordering First off, let me say that I love The Anti-Jared.  Tony, aka the Anti-Jared, lost over 200 pounds eating healthy and working out.  And he did it all while working in the restaurant industry.  I know when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, restaurants are one of the most tempting place to be.  In this post, Tony explains what to do (and what not to do) and how to get your food exactly as you’d like it!
  • Thoughts About Nothing: This Was Cool When I Was a Kid I actually just came across Kyle’s blog last week after JesusNeedsNewPR retweeted a funny tweet that Kyle had posted regarding the Miss America pageant.  (Sorry if that’s confusing for you non-twitterers out there!)  Anyway, Kyle wrote a post about what he thought was super cool as a kid but isn’t so cool anymore.  I wrote a comment saying I thought SKIP IT was the bombdotcom when I was 3 years old, but looking back now it was pretty lame.  He even found the video, so here it is for your viewing  pleasure:

Also, I came across this great link.  To all my 20-something ladies out there, if this doesn’t inspire us to get fit and healthy, I don’t know what will!

Gotta go work out – it’s my 5th day of Insanity!  Hope y’all have an awesome Friday and a great weekend! 🙂


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