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May 28, 2010 / Meg

Insanity Days 7-9

Interested in learning more about Insanity?  Catch up on my recaps:  Intro post, Days 1-3, and  Days 4-6.

In this post I will highlight one of the Insanity workouts:  Pure Cardio, and then I’ll talk about my impressions of the program as a whole.

Pure Cardio my favorite new workout.  It’s insane, of course.  It’s one of the many individual workouts that comes with the Insanity program.  At the beginning of the workout, Shaun T even says that he can’t believe what we’re about to do.  Oh boy.

I’ve done it twice now, and it is a super challenging workout.   It’s like a bootcamp in your own living room.   The workout consists of 15 different drills:

  • Suicides [with quick feet in between]
  • Switch kicks [straight up craziness]
  • Wide football sprints [my fave]
  • Stance Jacks
  • Pedal [2 lunges, sprint, repeat]
  • Hooks and Jump rope [8 hook punches, high jump, repeat]
  • Power jacks [these are killer]
  • Level 2 drills [8 push-ups, 8 lunges, repeat.  I will be able to do all of these push-ups by the end of the program]
  • Frog Jumps
  • Power Knees [both sides]
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Ski Jumps
  • Scissor Runs
  • Suicide Jumps [squat down, jump back to a push up, stand up again]
  • Push up jacks [these are THE hardest.  Again, I will be able to make it through all of these by the time I’m done.]

Now you have an idea of why even Shaun T was scared of this workout.  It’s more intense than it sounds, and it gets your heart pumping like you wouldn’t believe. And let’s not even get started on the sweat.  Trust me, you don’t even want to know how much you’ll sweat with this workout.

The further I get into the program as a whole, the more I realize how much of an advanced program it truly is.  I would never recommend it to anyone who is just starting to get into shape.  Insanity definitely a program for someone who is already on a fitness journey and wants to crank it  up a notch.

What I really like about Insanity as a whole is that Shaun T starts every exercise with a well-rounded warm-up.  Well, Shaun T calls it a warm-up.  If you walked in and saw me doing it, you would think I was in the middle of some major cardio.  That’s Insanity for ya.

My highest calorie per minute burns are actually during the warm-up.  But throughout the program I’m consistently burning some major calories.  I’m averaging a little over 300 calories per workout, but my calorie burns stays at an increased level for hours after the end of the workout.  I elaborated a little more on this in my last Insanity post.

After the warm-up, Shaun T does some major stretching.  I never expected so many stretches in a video workout. Shaun T always mentions that the way to prevent injuries is to stretch.  He is so right (well, duh, is he an expert).  Plus, when your muscles are already warm, you can get a better stretch.  I actually find myself getting deeper in my stretches as I progress through the program. That is something I never thought would occur with a cardio-based program.

So after 2 weeks, Insanity is still a rockin’ program.  (Wondering why I’ve only had 9 workouts in 2 weeks?  I explain it in this post.)  Results so far:

  • Week 1:  1.8 pound weight loss
  • Week 2:  2.6 pound weight loss
  • Total:  4.4 pound weight loss

I’m quite shocked that I lost 2.6 pounds this week – I was expecting to maintain or lose one pound at the most.  But with such an intense program, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.  Do I think I’ll keep losing 2 pounds each week?  Absolutely not.  But I’ll take it these first two weeks.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!! 🙂


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