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June 2, 2010 / Meg


I’m working on getting my own domain name and changing this blog a little.  In the meantime, here are a few random facts to hold you over.  Because clearly 101 just aren’t enough 😉

  • I share the same birthday as Jennifer Aniston.  Different years, obviously.
  • I’m excited and terrified to start my master’s at Duke University in the fall.
  • Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.  I’m already thinking of ideas for this year.
  • I’ve never taken swimming lessons.
  • Sunburn is not my friend.  I’m as red as a tomato and I used SPF over the weekend!
  • I’ve never played soccer (except when it was required in gym class and I totally sucked).
  • We weren’t allowed to say words like “suck” in my house.  My mom hates them, even though now that we’re all grown up, she says sh*t like you wouldn’t believe, lol.
  • But we’re still not allowed to say anything like that.
  • I love Jesus, good wine, celebrity gossip, and high heels.
  • Some people say those don’t go together.  Some people need to mind their own biznaz.
  • Is it really already Wednesday?!?  My mom flies to town tomorrow. Yikes…I have some major cleaning to do.
  • But we’re seeing Wicked tomorrow night!  Love that musical.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!  When I return, this blog shall have a whole new identity!  woo hoo 🙂


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