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June 7, 2010 / Meg

Thoughts on the Future

[First and foremost, please keep praying for my friend Narcie.  She’s having surgery on Friday.  Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.]

I had a wonderful weekend, even though at times it was difficult to absorb everything after receiving news of Narcie’s situation.  My mom and I were saying some big prayers on the highways of North Carolina!!

My mom flew to town on Thursday, and we saw Wicked in Charlotte on Thursday night. It was amazing!  I was very, very lucky when I was on a mission trip to New York City last year and won front row tickets to Wicked in their Wicked Lottery!

This pic was taken on my Crackberry...I promise I'm not really that tan 😉

This time our seats weren’t quite as close, but it was still a marvelous time!

We then left early Friday morning and drove to Durham.  I’ll start my Master of Divinity degree in the fall at Duke University, so I wanted to show my mom Duke’s campus and she graciously helped me find an apartment.

That's me! But are you really a "class of ____" if your a grad student? Also, this was totally on the car next to me. Hope they didn't see me creepily take a pic of their window!

Going from a tiny division 3 college to a very well-known, large division 1 school is both exciting and a little odd.

Right outside of Duke Chapel. LOVE this pic!

I think it should almost be illegal for a campus to be this beautiful.

Where I'll spend the next 3 years!

Ah, I love it.

Special thanks to my mom for being my personal photographer 😉

We then went apartment hunting.  And let me tell you – it was a HUNT.  So many places were in terrible areas.  And the ones that were good were nearly the cost of tuition.  Fortunately, I had one complex recommended to me, and it was certainly a gem.  A lot of other Duke graduate students live there, so it was really cool to see cars with “Duke Law” “Duke Graduate School” or “Duke Divinity” on their windows!  Happy to have found a great place to live, and I think my roommate and I will enjoy living there!

Since my mom was in town and I live in a state with a coast, you know we went to the beach! We traveled from Durham to Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, NC.  My mom had actually been to Wilmington years ago for a nurses conference, and she’s been itching to go back for a while now.

We went to the Cotton Exchange, an old cotton mill that they remodeled into stores.  You know I love to shop, and with its antique feel, this place was right up my alley.

I  saw this pretty flower outside of the Cotton Exchange.  I love the flowers that bloom in the spring and summertime.  Tulips and lilies are my favorites, but this one was also a beauty.

I got 2 sundresses and 2 pairs of shoes for $60 [total] at the Cotton Exchange!  Can you say bargain shopper? I also grabbed one heck of a necklace, and I hope to design one like it soon!!

I had to rock my new Duke National Champions shirt!

We walked along the boardwalk of  Cape Fear…

…and stumbled upon a cute little farmers’ market!

And then we finally made it to the beach!  I love how calming and refreshing the ocean is.  I’m spoiled now that I live in the South – it was at least an 8 hour drive to the beach when I lived in Pennsylvania!

I have to be honest:  I’m scared, excited, nervous, anxious, elated, and terrified to move to Durham and start my Master of Divinity degree! I’m not scared of change; I’m probably one of the few who actually enjoy change.  But the past 2 years here in South Carolina have been nothing short of amazing.  I’ve met some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for, had experiences I’ve never even dreamed of, and learned more than I ever thought was possible.

I’m nervous and ecstatic to be a student again.  You see, I’m a very big nerd.  Getting a B is like getting an F in my book. I’m excited to be back in the classroom and challenged academically, but also a little terrified because I’ve never actually taken a religion course.  Ever.

Regardless of my mix of emotions, I know in my heart that this is what I’m supposed to do.  This is what I’m called to do.  Although it’s going to be a crazy journey with some unexpected twists and turns, I know it’s the right thing.  And for that, I am so very, very grateful.


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