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June 15, 2010 / Meg

Summer Slump?

Confession time:  I’ve been in a workout funk.

I’ve just been feeling kind of blah lately.  Weird, huh?  I haven’t been teaching any classes – since I’m leaving my job and moving next month [next month?!?  holy cannoli that happened fast], I decided not to teach this summer.  Besides, it’s fun to just be a participant and allow the instructor to motivate you every now and then.

But I really haven’t attended any classes in over 2 weeks.  I’m still being active and playing softball.  We have 3 games each week.  Other than that, I just haven’t felt like attending my regular workouts.

Almost 2 weeks ago I completed the second fit test for Insanity, and was really, really happy with my results.

  • Switch Jacks increased from 66 to 76
  • Power Jacks increased from 50 to 57
  • Power Knees increased from 86 to 101
  • Power Jumps increased from 23 to 28
  • Globe Jumps increased from 6 to 8
  • Suicide Jumps increased from 13 to 15
  • Push-Up Jacks increased from 11 to 16
  • Low Plank Obliques increased from 15 to 23

I was ecstatic with my results.  I felt such a sense of accomplishment. It was amazing.  But after the fit test, things got incredibly busy – new employees started at my work and I had to work through my lunch break in order to train them, I went out of town, orientation started at the university I work for – it just seemed like I was too busy to get to the gym. I wasn’t; I definitely could have gone after work on the days I didn’t have softball.  But I was just exhausted.

And let’s not even get started on what I’ve been eating.  A burger from Five Guys, hot wings, Chinese food – let’s just say some greasy, fried deliciousness has made its way back into my life.  Oh my, oh my.  It must be the summer slump or something!

It happens.  I’m not going to sit here and beat myself up and act like I’m a horrible person.  THAT would be ridiculous.  It’s summer – have fun and live it up!  Don’t take for granted sunshine and fun times. Now does this mean you need to eat 6,000 calories a day?  No.  And that’s why I’m headed to the gym for another Insanity workout.  It’s all about balance, peeps!

If you’ve been facing a similar situation with regard to eating healthy/working out, don’t worry!  Just keep moving. You may have made an unhealthy decision yesterday, but you can learn from it and make a healthy one today.  You may have felt a little lazy yesterday, but you can fit a 10 minute walk into your schedule today.  We can make ourselves better each and every day, and that’s the great thing about a fitness journey. Some days are better than others [and in my case, some weeks…] but as long as you keep your eye on the prize and allow yourself to have a good time along the way, it’ll all work out [no pun intended :)]!!!

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