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June 18, 2010 / Meg

Happy Almost Weekend

I haven’t figured out the whole self hosting thing, and I don’t want to drop the cash to do so at the moment.  Maybe you’ll see it sometime in the future!  I’m also thinking of switching the domain to just my real name (or maybe my twitter handle since that’s shorter?).  Hmm… decisions, decisions.

I have a lot of eventful things going on this weekend, and I hope you do as well.  Here’s a list of the fabulousness that will be occurring this weekend for moi:

  • Hanging out with my mama again.  My mom and my aunt are coming to Charlotte to visit my me and my cousin this weekend.  This weekend was actually planned…when my mom visited just 2 weeks ago, it was kind of spur of the moment because she found a really cheap flight.  As for this weekend, the 4 of us will be chillaxing, eating lots of snacks, drinking some not so high quality vino [my mom is a Franzia fan.  Did I really just admit that to the internet?  Oh boy.]
  • Buying a MAC! Oh my goodness.  I’ve been a PC user forever and I’m finally getting in touch with reality and buying a MacBook.  This means I’ll have no idea what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks, but it gives me some time to figure it out before I start my master’s degree in August.
  • Packing up half of my life and sending it back to PA with the fam.  I have a 2 week break between finishing my job here in SC and then moving to NC, so I’m going to be totally crazy and move everything home to PA so I can spend time with la familigia and the friends before moving again. [ Yes, I’m fully aware that this is crazy.]
  • Attending some sort of send-off thing for me at church on Sunday.  I have no idea what’s gonna happen, but it should be lovely.
  • Ok…that’s about it.  But what’s better than spending time with family and dropping loads of cash on a new computer?  Ok, the former is definitely a little better than the latter, but it’ll be a good weekend so I’ll take it.

Happy weekend!  Be safe and enjoy it!! 🙂

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