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June 21, 2010 / Meg

30 before 30

30 before 30.  It’s kind of like 101 in 1001, only way less intimidating.  I first saw it on, and was totally inspired to write my own.

So what do I hope to accomplish in the next 6 years?  I haven’t come up with 30 things yet, but here’s a good start:

  1. Complete my Master of Divinity degree [which I won’t even start until August :)]
  2. Go on a mission trip to Africa
  3. Use my foreign language skills in ministry
  4. Fall in love
  5. Run a half marathon [and if I decide to get some serious ambition, a whole marathon!]
  6. Drop these last 10 pounds I can’t seem to get rid of
  7. Create an Etsy shop and sell my handmade jewelry online

Hopefully I’ll add more soon!  Do you set goal lists?  What do you hope to achieve in the next few years??


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