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June 24, 2010 / Meg

Inspiration From a Kite? I’d Say So.

I enjoy watching America’s Got Talent.  I can’t say I love it quite like I love NBC’s finer shows [the Biggest Loser and Parenthood, to name a few], but I definitely enjoy the mindless entertainment every now and then.  Tonight is actually the first episode I’ve watched all season, and I think I forgot how much fun it can be to watch a good old talent show.

I loved last season because it had quite a few acts whose talents were actually diverse [i.e. they weren’t all singers].  I wanted Recycled Percussion to win so very badly.  They performed at Allegheny (my alma mater) when I was a student, and ended up coming back to our tiny college to film their DVD about a month after their first performance.

Sometimes I think the acts are great.  Other times I think they’re straight-up terrible.  Most often, I agree with the judges.

Did you see the indoor kite performance?  Narcie actually mentioned it on her blog yesterday, and I’m so glad they re-aired the episode tonight so I could watch it.

I know what you might be thinking – indoor kites?  Really, Meg?  Yes, REALLY.  Watch the video above.  It was beautiful.

On this show, you see all kinds of craziness.  Seriously, everything from practically professional magicians who are shoving people into little boxes and slicing them in half to people doing all kinds of weird tricks with fire and a whole lot of other over-the-top tricks.

And then, this kid comes out with a Sarah McLachlan song and a kite.  I mean, you have to be brave to do that on this show.  You could easily get laughed at, as Piers admitted he was prepared to do.

The performance was anything but laughable.  He was brave and did a fantastic job.  It was beautiful and inspiring.  Moving and peaceful.  Pretty cool, even.

It actually made me realize how in the middle of all of the craziness of life – sometimes you just need those moments to bring something into it that gives you peace and soothes the soul.  Life gets so busy and hectic and sometimes you just gotta find that calming place.  It’s not all about being faster than the runner next to you or doing a better presentation than your co-worker.  Sometimes it’s just about finding what brings you peace and embracing it.

And if you’re as lucky as the kid from America’s Got Talent, it might even help you overcome some of the obstacles life throws at ya.  Pretty cool if you ask me.  🙂


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