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June 25, 2010 / Meg

Oh Hey, I Think You Should…

Send some good vibes Erica‘s way.  She has an interview this afternoon and we’re all out of dark chocolate.  [If you don’t think dark chocolate cures everything, then we just can’t relate.  If you do, then you know our pain.]

Watch the South Carolina-Clemson game in the College World Series tonight. Because everyone loves a good rivalry, especially in a big game like this.  I think you should root for South Carolina, just because I hate the color orange.  Even though I think a gamecock is a really odd mascot…

Break rules of fashion.  Seriously, I hate those things.  I’m pretty sure my outfit broke at least two rules yesterday.  Just do it, and don’t care what anyone thinks.

Say a prayer for Narcie. [Need a recap?  Here and here.]  Her surgery went well and they’ve determined it’s a grade 2 tumor, which isn’t the best news but definitely better than a grade 3 or 4.  Keep praying for healing and peace and comfort on the journey ahead.

Do something fun and maybe even a little crazy this weekend. Eat something you’ve never had (or never heard of) before.  Go kayaking.  Or white water rafting.  Have fun and enjoy every moment. Life is short – live it up!


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