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June 26, 2010 / Meg

Texting While Driving

Have y’all seen this?

You must have; it’s blowing up the world wide web [or at least my friends’ tweets and facebook posts].  I’m just wondering if it’s actually legit or it’s from one of those online church sign generators?  Hmm…just a thought.  Either way, someone has a sense of humor!  🙂

Do y’all text while driving? I definitely make an effort not to.  If I do, I’m either at a red light or stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.  I know I shouldn’t.  I’ll admit that I am even guilty of tweeting while driving – I posted this while on the highway yesterday.

I’m actually quite the talker and prefer phone conversations; when I’m in the car I always just put it on speakerphone so both of my hands are still free to operate the vehicle.  In North Carolina it’s now illegal to text and all that jazz while driving.  I don’t think they’ve passed any laws for that in South Carolina yet, but I’m more aware of the NC laws because I’m moving to NC in August.

Well friends, I must get going – my pastor asked me to preach at my church’s 2 traditional services tomorrow because he has been appointed to a new church in Charleston.  He starts at his new church next week, but he wanted to have a week off just to worship.  So I need to put the finishing touches on my sermon.  I’ll be preaching on Psalm 77.

Hope y’all have an amazing day!  🙂


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