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July 5, 2010 / Meg

My First Ever Blog Award

Oh emm gee. I RECEIVED AN AWARD!!!!!!!!!

When I started this blog, I didn’t really know what I was doing.  People ask me why I blog and to be honest – I don’t really know.   I just like to share my thoughts and hope that other people can relate to them.  I like to think I blog not because my life is interesting [since it’s not] or because I think my life is strangely better than someone else’s [which it most certainly isn’t], but simply because I have a voice and the ability to share it.  The more I blog, the more I realize how cool this community is and how awesome it is to be a part of it. So for those of you reading this – whether it’s your first time stopping by or you’re a regular reader – I just want to say thank you.  It’s a joy to be a blogger and I’m blessed to be able to do this in my spare time.

If you’re a regular reader, you may know that this started out as a healthy living blog.  The truth is, with all of my knee problems and my sudden obsession with french fries – I haven’t been living very healthy.  But don’t you worry, I’m still staying active and playing softball.  Just taking a little hiatus from running and Insanity.  And counting calories.

In the 7 months I’ve been blogging, this blog has taken on a lot of different shapes, but I ultimately decided to take my own name and make it my domain.  At first I didn’t want the blogging world to know me as anything other than Meg, but with a name as common as mine, I figured I’d rather be my own identity than allow it to be taken by someone else.  And besides, the world is a lot smaller than we think, so everyone was going to know I was Meg Augustine sooner or later.  Plus, I can’t really keep a secret!

Thanks to the fabulousness that was the 20SB Blog Carnival, B and I came across each others’ blogs.  Can I just tell you that she’s a rockstar and you need to read her posts?  I can?  Okay, good!  B is so awesome that she gave me my first ever blogging award!!!

Isn’t it cute?!?  And super sweet?!?  It totally made going to work (when everyone else has today off) worthwhile.  Major thanks to B!!!!  And yes, I’ll be showcasing this award.  Expect to see it in the sidebar soon.

With this award comes a few short rules.  So here goes:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award. THANKS B!!!  Love your blog and I can’t wait to read more posts!  Your most recent one makes me want to watch My Girl.  Why is that movie just so darn good?!?
  2. Sum up your blogging personality, motivation, and experience in just 5 words. Dark chocolate saves the day.  Well, okay, that’s really what happens after 8pm every night – not my blogging personality.  Attempt #2: Glass half full kind of girl.  Oh noooo that’s 6 words! Oh my oh my 5 words just aren’t enough. Find inspiration in life’s details.  Okay, I’ll take it.
  3. Pass this award onto other blogs you think have substance. Make me a tree., Then Heather Said, As Simple as That

Thanks again to B!  Happy Monday to all – hope your weekend was filled with fireworks and fun times!


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