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July 12, 2010 / Meg

Goofy Moments

With just a few days left at my job, I can’t help but think of some of the good times and randomness that has occurred throughout the past 2 years.  [Okay, I know I promised that I’d stop looking back…but apparently I lied.  It happens.  But it was unintentional, so I get brownie points or something right?  Or at least brownies?  ;)]

With this job came a lot of life changes, which initially included moving to South Carolina and somehow developing a pseudo southern accent.  It also meant attending staff meetings, larger staff meetings, supporting my colleagues at their events – such as Welcome Week or Family Weekend – planning programs, establishing professional goals, mentoring students, meeting with non-profit agencies…the list goes on and on.  Are these the things that I’ll remember the most?  Absolutely not.

It’s the goofy moments that I’ll look back on and smile.

  • Those birthday lunches where our administrative assistant squirmed at just the mention of the word “sushi”
  • That one time someone said (at a very large staff meeting) there wasn’t a lot of action going on at her apartment (in reference to the empty box outside of her door that was the drop-off point for a canned food drive).  [Sorry dear…hope this doesn’t embarrass you.  But it was hilarious!]
  • Comparing calorie burns, eating lunch almost everyday, and teaching turbo kick with my girl Dre [and the occassional practicing turbo moves in the office]
  • Dropping by Lindy‘s office for a quick chat and busting out the robot in the middle of her turbo class
  • Dropping by Narcie‘s office and eating every single piece of dark chocolate in her candy bowl (hey…someone had to do it)
  • Someone discovering on facebook that her high school classmate still has a rockin’ mullet decades after graduation – and showing it to all of us (and to think, that was just Tuesday afternoon…)
  • And last but not least: a colleague’s birthday happened to be on flag day this year, so we each had to pose with the American Flag for a birthday collage.  She thought it was pretty darn funny, and I’m glad her husband asked us all to do it.  (Even though I didn’t know about it until the day of…otherwise I might have done a little somethin-somethin with my hair!)

She's a good girl, loves her Mama. Loves Jesus and America too...

Update: They’re letting me leave 2 extra days early!!!  My final day is now July 27th.  This means I only have 5 days of work left!  Craziness!  (How only 5 days?  Well you see, I’ll be visiting one of my BFFs who is serving in the Peace Corps on the gorgeous island of St. Lucia starting this Friday.  After that, only 2 work days remain.  Yep, I’m a lucky gal.  And yes, I will not be blogging while I’m in the Caribbean!!!)

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