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August 16, 2010 / Meg

Oh Hey There…

Hi friends!  I know I’ve been MIA for a really long time.  [In fact, I was even in MIA for a little while…or at least Miami’s airport.]

What was I up to?  Let’s see…

I visited my BFF/college roommate Mary Ellen in St. Lucia (she’s serving there in the Peace Corps).

Mary Ellen, Bobby (Mary Ellen's boyfriend's brother), and me in Castries, St. Lucia at the annual Carnival

I hung out with my best friends from high school, and we went to a Brooks & Dunn concert [their final tour! sad times….cancel that, majorly super fun times.  Love these girls <3]

At First Niagara Pavillion...I think that's what it's called these days, anyway. I still refer to it as Star Lake...

I sorted through all of my stuff and donated 4 huge trash bags of clothes to the Goodwill.

And then………I MOVED TO NORTH CAROLINA where I ended up donating another 3 (or 4? I can’t really remember) huge bags of clothes to Goodwill.  Yes…I had wayyyyy too much stuff.  But getting rid of it felt pretty darn good.

I’ve been settling into the new apartment, finishing up some required reading before classes even start, and I started training for my first 10k!  I’ve only completed two 5k races before (OK technically 4 but the first 2 don’t really count because I walked them with friends), and I’m excited for a new challenge.

I’m following Self Magazine’s 10k training plan (in the June issue), and it also has an additional plan for a half marathon.  I was hoping to do a half marathon in December but I think it’s just too soon.  With starting my master’s and all of my knee problems, I definitely didn’t want to overdo it.  However, my sisters are eyeing the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May (my oldest sister Amy ran it for the first time in May 2010) and want me to run it with them.  The time frame would give me plenty of time to train, but we’ll see what happens… 😉

Also, I changed up the bloggy last night.  I’m seriously going to try to switch to self-hosting very soon, so the blog will be going through some aesthetic changes.  But I thought the new title was appropriate, since I’m in such a period of growth and change.  It’s definitely a blossoming period, and I’m quite happy to have a life in bloom.

It’s good to be back.  Look for some new posts soon!


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