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August 19, 2010 / Meg

3.5 Mile Speed Workout

Hello bloggy friends!  I just finished icing my knee after my first ever speed workout!  I’ve never done a speed workout before this morning, but let me tell you–my running needs it!  I’m definitely more of a tortoise than a hare.  😉

Today’s workout, the Speed 1 Workout, consisted of a 1 mile warmup, hard run for 1/2 mile, easy run for 1/2 mile, hard run 1/2 mile, and a 1 mile cool down.  The workout was great, but the weird thing was that when I finished and read the workout summary on the treadmill, it said I ran a total of 4.15 miles.  I was strictly following the distance on there, so I’m not sure what quite happened.  I know treadmills definitely aren’t the most accurate, and if I actually did 4.15 miles, I’ll take it!  But I’m definitely going to stick with the assumption that I ran 3.5. 🙂

Self Magazine (where I found the training plan) said these speed workouts are “where you’ll zap megacalories!”  They were not joking in the least.  3.5 miles and right around 400 calories burned according to the bodybugg.  Not too shabby if you ask me.  I’ve never been one to enjoy running on the treadmill, but today’s workout was actually quite fun.  Even though the hard runs were only for two 1/2 miles, I can say that I’ve never run faster in my life!  I’m hoping these speed workouts will help me get a little faster on my longer runs too.  🙂

I’m still easing my way back into running, because I honestly haven’t done a whole lot since my 5k back in May.  Although things are about to get busier than ever with classes and work and whatnot, I’m glad to be back on the running bandwagon.  Plus, following a program makes it so much better for me–I love being able to cross a workout off of my schedule when I’m done!  Couch to 5k was a great program for me to use the first time around, and I’m definitely thinking this program will be a great way for me to train for my first 10k and hopefully half marathon!

The program I’m following consists of 2 days of strength training, 2 long run days, 1 speed workout, 2 cross training days, and a rest day. [Yes, I know this adds up to more than 7 days.  I do one day of cross training and strength training.  And technically there are 2 rest days and only 1 cross training day in the plan, but I’m switching it up because I gotta squeeze my Turbo Kick in there!]  I’m only in the first week, but I’m feeling very good so far.  I’m definitely looking forward to running further [or farther?  Sorry peeps, I majored in French, not English.] and faster than I ever have before.

Now I gotta get ready to go to campus and fill out paperwork for my new job.  Yayyyy!

Hope you have a very happy Thursday! 🙂


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