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August 25, 2010 / Meg

Pray 40

Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows that I’m passionate about campus ministry.  It’s where I felt called to ministry and where I hope to serve one day.

40 days of prayer for campus ministry began yesterday (oops! …better late than never).  It’s a movement called Pray 40, and although it is rooted in the UMC, we’re praying for all campus ministries and invite everyone to pray with us.  I might even have a prayer in there, so please check it out!

Here is the info from the Pray 40 site:

Each fall, over 17 million American students head to college and university campuses. Millions more will head to college when you include universities around the world. These students are making decisions, learning lessons, and being shaped into the next generation of teachers, accountants, mothers, fathers, doctors, CEO’s, journalists, and ministers, among others. Shouldn’t it be our prayer that as they make these decisions, learn these lessons and become these people that they do so having been shaped by Christ?

This fall, we invite you to join us as we pray for the next generation of Christian leaders as they head to college and university campuses. Starting August 23, we are calling the Church to prayer for our college campuses for 40 days. We have a two-fold purpose: to call the Church to pray for college students and to help college students learn to pray. The 40 days is not a conclusive time period when we simply say our prayers and wish our students the best, but it is a specific period of time in which we can expressly pray for a group of people who so desperately need our prayers. The “40” also comes from Isaiah 40 to “prepare the way of the Lord”. This is a chapter of Scripture where we see God calling his people to hope from despair, to understanding from futility, and to strength from weariness. This is our prayer for the generation of college students who populate campuses around the world…that they would come to trust in the One, true God and be strengthened to run the race that is before them.

Here’s the scoop on how you can participate:

We have several ways in which people can join in our prayer efforts:

  • Daily Emails—Receive an email morning, noon, and evening with the prayer for the day.
  • Downloadable Prayer Guide—Download and share a book of prayer with the daily prayers that can be shared with your family, your church, your Sunday School class/small group, your prayer group, or prayed alone.
  • Twitter prayers—Follow us @CollegeUnion and we’ll send you a link to the prayers online.
  • Text Messages –Receive part of the prayer as a text message and be reminded to pray for college campuses and get a link to the prayers online. Sign up by texting “pray40” to 41411, standard text messaging rates apply.

Orientation begins at Duke Divinity School tomorrow and classes begin on Monday.  I’m a little nervous, but really excited.  Can’t wait to meet my seminary classmates and begin my Master of Divinity degree!


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