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January 24, 2011 / Meg

Where I’m At Today.

Though I’m incredibly excited about the Steelers going to the Super Bowl, I promise it’s not the center of my existence [in case any of you may have been worried; judging by my twitter timeline, I couldn’t blame you if you were!  But I must say that I am beyond thrilled to see my Steelers in another Super Bowl!]

There are lots of things going on at school right now–I had my first quiz last Friday, and I have another quiz and a paper due this Friday.  The amount of work this semester is kind of insane, and it’s difficult to keep up with all of the reading.  Plus I’m working at the Career Center and teaching Turbo Kick this semester, so to say that my schedule is jam packed would be an understatement.  Staying organized this semester is key, and I’m working really hard on keeping up with my tasks everyday.  I’m starting to understand why Chalene Johnson (inventor of Turbo Kick, motivational speaker, and all around inspiring gal) places so much emphasis on to-do lists!

This semester I’m taking 4 courses, Koine Greek, Modern European Church History, Old Testament (the second half), and New Testament.  Church History is the most challenging so far, but primarily because I’m not great at history (remembering all of the people and dates can be challenging for me–but I did well last semester in Early & Medieval Church History, so I know if I work hard I’ll do well this semester, too!).  The 3 core classes [Greek not included] require a lot, but I’m missing the practical element from the “Forming Disciples in the Wesleyan Tradition” class I took last semester.  Though I know I’ll use so much of what I’m learning in these core courses in ministry (especially the Old Testament and New Testament classes), I’m missing the awesome discussions we had in Disciples.  We talked about evangelism in the church, where our church is headed, and how the UMC can hold onto the values and practices it was founded on in the early Methodist movement.  I’m missing the arts in ministry aspect of that course, but I know that the next 2 years of the Master of Divinity degree will be filled with classes of a similar nature.

Outside of the classroom, I’m really excited for community involvement this semester.  I serve on the leadership team of Basin & Towel, Duke Divinity’s community service organization, and we have some awesome events happening this semester.  And before I know it, I’ll be in Haiti!  Not long after my mission trip to Haiti, some of my friends in my spiritual formation group and I will be racing in a 5k with obstacles along the course.  It’s going to be a little crazy, but so much fun!  All in all, there is so much to look forward to this semester.

Teaching Turbo Kick has been a blessing, and it’s awesome to be able to say that after teaching for only two weeks!  I teach two Turbo Kick (cardio kickboxing choreographed to hip hop music) group exercise classes at Duke’s gym each week.  My classes are on Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Sundays at 4pm.  I had 13 participants in my very first class, and in just my fourth class the number of participants has increased to 29!  That’s the largest class I’ve ever taught, and it’s so much fun to spread the Turbo Kick love here at Duke.  Personally, teaching group fitness is great for me, and I truly missed it when I didn’t teach last semester.  It keeps me accountable and in shape.  It also helps with self-care; each class is an hour where I get my mind out of the theology bubble and focus on leading and inspiring others to exercise and stay fit.  It’s awesome, and I love it.

Now that things are officially moving and shaking this semester, I can’t express how much community is playing a role in my faith formation during my seminary studies.  My mom went to the dentist last summer and somehow the dentist or the person cleaning her teeth was familiar with Duke Divinity and told my mom all of these wonderful things about it.  But then this person said, “Your daughter will meet so many people who are just like her there.”  I was hopeful that would be true, and am so glad that it is.  I have a pretty fantastic group of friends, and I’m so thankful.  It’s great to be around people who encourage you and inspire you and motivate you.  There are a lot of different perspectives and opinions, but that’s what make classes and conversations so interesting around here.  Whether people are working towards ordination, a PhD, or just figuring out what’s next, we’re all part of a community.  I’m especially excited about the next generation of leaders who are seeking ordination and feel called to work in the church or another type of ministry  Everyone seems brilliant, inspired, humble, empowered, and faithful.  It’s truly an awesome thing to be a part of.

So that’s a little taste of what’s been going on in my world.  How are things with you?  Any new and exciting changes happening this year?  I really want to get to know my readers…leave a comment and tell me about yourself!



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  1. greekphysique / Jan 26 2011 5:27 am

    I think for me, I am finally starting to bloom where I am planted. For the longest time, my best friends seemed to be in other towns, and I spent a lot of time visiting them and complaining how much I hated my location here in NY. But as time has passed, I’m starting to do better here, and realize that my attraction to other places held me back from doing better here. I finally feel like I’m starting to gain some momentum, and I’m happy about that.

    Of course, with more security come more challenges. I’m trying to date locally again, and am reminded how messy that can be. It is tough; does one just wait on the Lord to bring someone? Or is one supposed to put in effort into going new places and meeting new people? To some extent, where our heart is becomes more important than the exact methods we use. It just takes a lot of time, and I wish God would just tell me, ha. But we walk by faith, not by sight.

    Ok, that’s about it at the moment. 🙂 It’s fun to read you sharing details of your journey here.

    • Meg / Jan 27 2011 1:56 am

      I feel the same way. There’s something strange yet awesome when you finally realize you’re blooming where you’re planted. As far as dating stuff goes, I’m actually going to a conversation group next Monday that will be discussing the theology of singleness. I’ll be sure to post about it when I’m done! It’s something I’m really interested in learning more about, since the whole dating thing hasn’t worked out for me (plus I’ve found that I’m generally happier when I’m single).


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