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February 11, 2011 / Meg

5 by 5 for the big Two-Five.

Today is my 25th birthday!  Time flies when you’re having fun.

Especially when that fun involves watching the Blue Devils in a come from behind victory against their biggest rivals (whose campus happens to be 8 miles down the road).


I taught Turbo Kick right before the game!

I only had 2 people in my class, but the three of us still had a good pre-game workout!  I normally have anywhere from 15-30 people in my class (usually in the 22-26 participant range), so it was weird [but good!] to have such a tiny class.  🙂

With my Steelers losing the Super Bowl and my Penguins losing 2 games earlier this week, I was dying for a good game where my team actually came out on top!  Well I was in luck, because I couldn’t have asked for a better Duke-UNC rivalry game this week!  It was eventful, heart-racing, painfully exciting, thrilling, and straight-up AWESOME.  It’s so good to be on the better half of the rivalry! 😉

Despite the major cold I’m trying to fight off (can’t believe I got sick after getting all of my vaccines for my upcoming Haiti trip!), the game was a great way to kick off my 25th birthday!

In honor of turning the big 2-5 this week, I thought I’d share some bits and pieces with y’all–5 style! [Because everyone loves a good square root. ;)]

5 things I’ve learned in my 24th year:

  • It’s always best to trust your instincts.  [Why do I always seem to re-learn this simple lesson?]
  • There is really no reason for mascara on your bottom lashes if you don’t use eyeliner on the bottom either.
  • Maybelline Stiletto mascara and eyeliner just may be the greatest things since sliced bread.
  • I quite enjoy blogging.
  • Flat shoes make my life much less painful.  Yay for cute flat boots!

5 things I’m excited about for my 25th year:

  • My mission trip to Haiti next month.
  • The Rugged Maniac race in April.
  • Running a few races this summer [although I haven’t signed up for any yet].
  • Changing the blog.  [I’ve narrowed it down to 2 names-just trying to make the final decision.  Woot woot!]
  • My summer field education experience.  [This summer I’ll be interning at a church through Duke Divinity’s Field Ed program.  Hopefully it will be a UMC in the South Carolina Conference (fingers crossed)!]

5 goals I’m hoping to accomplish this year:

  • Spend more time reading my Bible solely to spend some time with the Word of God [i.e. not because it’s required for class or because I have an upcoming Scripture identification quiz].
  • Be more patient.
  • Run more.
  • Become a better group fitness instructor.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff (or at least sweat it a little less!).

5 blogs I’m currently enjoying:

5 reasons I’m pumped about my 25th birthday:

  • My birthday is on a Friday!  [This means I get to celebrate, forget about schoolwork, sleep in, and not feel guilty about any of it!]
  • My friends are epic.
  • We’re eating Thai food for dinner.  [Can you say deee-lish?]
  • It’s a good excuse to wear a cute dress.
  • Calories don’t count on your birthday.  Duh!

So there you have it.  25 random bits and pieces about me on my 25th birthday.

Did you know it’s Jennifer Aniston’s birthday too?  And the anniversary of the implosion of Three Rivers Stadium (I can never forget when it was demolished, since it happened on my birthday!)?

Happy Friday to you all!!



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  1. pawsitivelife / Feb 16 2011 6:26 pm

    25 is not bad at all! Although its a significant birthday for sure! I read somewhere that at 27 your body starts to degenerate…THAT was a tough birthday. I think I will spend my 30th (a long ways away) in bed..crying softly into my ice cream jar

    • Meg / Feb 19 2011 11:14 am

      Oh no….27 isn’t that far away!!!!!!!

  2. founditonapostednote / Feb 18 2011 1:55 pm

    Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

    • Meg / Feb 19 2011 11:14 am


  3. thenheathersaid / Feb 21 2011 9:08 pm

    a) happy 25
    b) happy getting your blog back
    c) thanks for the shout out 🙂 LOVE YOU!

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