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The Real Deets

Most people call me Meg.  I hope you’ll do the same.  Black is my favorite color.  Stacy and Clinton would disapprove of my wardrobe since about 80% of it is black.  The rest is gray.  But I think I have one red dress.  I never wash my car.  That’s what mother nature is for.  I’m deathly allergic to oranges, clementines, tangerines, and all related fruits (but not lemons or limes).  I love Pittsburgh sports and Duke basketball.  Hot wings are my favorite food.  I think blue cheese is better than ranch, but wouldn’t use either on a salad.  I make the world’s best salsa.  I’ve had 2 reconstructive surgeries, and I’m incredibly thankful both went really well.  I’m a justice seeker.  I always use my middle initial when writing my name.  I really dislike drying my hair.  I want to wear white cowboy boots on my wedding day.  I need to find a husband first.  Or a fiance.  No cancel that, just a boyfriend will do.  Preferably one who loves Jesus.  And hot wings.  I’m competitive.  James Farrior is my favorite Steeler.  I’m a defense kind of girl.  Lilies and tulips are my favorite flowers.  Fall is my favorite season.  Sweaters and boots make my heart go pitter patter.  I think feet are gross.  I tend to over-accessorize.  I don’t understand why people wear leggings as pants.  I prefer [brackets] to (parentheses) and the ampersand to the word “and.”  I think men should be required to wear engagement rings.  I’m wordy.  And sometimes sassy.  I’m slightly terrified of swing sets.  I’m Italian-American but not in the Jersey Shore GTL kind of way.  I wrote a 70 page thesis entirely in French.  It’s currently collecting dust.  As is my fluency.  I used to train with an olympic boxing coach.  I’ve never fought anyone, but I can throw a mean left hook.  My sisters are my absolute best friends on the planet.  My brother in laws aren’t too shabby either.   Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I plan my costume months in advance, and usually end up changing my mind a week or two beforehand.  I’m blessed in more ways than I could ever count.  Life is a crazy ride, but it sure is fun.  I’m going to make an impact in this world.  Just wait and see.


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  1. The Love Project / Feb 14 2011 9:04 pm

    Ha ha. I’m the same about Halloween. I start collecting ideas a year prior, really plan a month ahead, and then change my mind a week before and run around like crazy for days to assemble.

    Best wishes for your journey! I’m sure it will be a great one.

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